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About JustLiving.

Our business model is founded on the principles of the sharing economy, enabling multiple families to jointly own and share the costs, benefits and enjoyment of a luxury vacation home in Southern Europe. We take care of the selection, purchase and transformation of these properties and handle all the practical details so you can feel effortlessly at home every time you go away.

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John Lindgaard
Managing Director
John is a former residential and commercial real estate agent with a large network both at home and abroad.

He has previously been the director of Nybolig Erhverv Copenhagen for 16 years and before that both co-owner and director of Scheel and Orloff, so John has extensive experience in business management. He is also trained in board work and has been involved in several investment projects over the years. In addition to this, John already owns and has previously owned several homes abroad, including Spain, so the knowledge of the entire geographical part of the concept is completely under his skin.

John is active as both a padel and golf player, and has extensive knowledge of the golf courses on the Costa del Sol, as he has played most of the courses along the coast. | Phone: +45 40 50 40 85
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Philip Lindgaard
Investment manager
Philip is educated in the leisure industry, with skills in startups and business optimization. He is particularly sharp on the sales side, having worked as a sales manager in a British company from 2017-2022. Philip has also been playing elite sports for 15 years and still does, alongside work. Despite a relatively short professional life, Philip already has management experience from elite sports and the workplace. Like John, he has played both padel and especially golf for many years and has played most of the courses on the Costa del Sol in Spain. Philip speaks Spanish at a conversational level and is continuously educating himself in fluent Spanish. | Phone: +45 28 35 50 53

"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer"