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May 29th


Hosted by Philip Lindgaard, Investment Manager

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The areas
This includes the various locations where JustLiving has homes for sale. It's a review of the areas around the homes and generally along the coast.
The economy
Here you will gain insight into the financial model behind owning a timeshare through JustLiving. It will cover the benefits of buying a timeshare instead of a whole property, as well as what you actually get for your money when owning in JustLiving.
Booking system
This section will explain how access and use of the vacation rental is managed for owners. It includes details on the booking system setup, how weeks are allocated and much more.
This part of the session will focus on the different financing options available for buying a share in JustLiving's vacation rental properties. It will include a review and explanation of the entire purchase process from start to finish.
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