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The JustLiving concept

JustLiving offers a unique concept where 6 or 8 owners in an association share one luxury home on the Costa del Sol.

We take care of all the  hassle 

The concept allows you to enjoy a luxurious home for a fraction of the price, while avoiding all the hassles normally associated with owning a vacation home. All 6 or 8 owners buy into a Spanish S.L and own the property on equal terms.

JustLiving is responsible for selecting, purchasing and renovating all homes - and once the homes are in use, we take care of the administration of the owners' association. So you don't have to worry about all the practicalities - from organizing general meetings, maintenance, cleaning, etc. You just focus on enjoying your vacation.

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61 housing

6:1 Owners' Association

Costa Del Sol

Rental opportunities and returns

As an owner, you have 8 weeks of residence annually and as a not insignificant benefit, you have the option to rent out up to 4 of the 8 weeks annually. This means that you can generate income from the rental, which can be used to cover the monthly common expenses. This leaves only the investment in the property as an expense, and as it is a real estate investment in an area with generally rising house prices, the investment also provides a good return in the long run.

The possibilities are many and the limitations few

JustLiving is perfect for the active vacationer, those looking for relaxation, or a combination of both. The homes are carefully selected, all located in beautiful surroundings and always close to gastronomy, city and beach life. All homes will also be close to golf, padel, cycling and a host of other outdoor activities that can be enjoyed all year round.

Efficient use of vacation rentals benefits homes and the local community

It's also a well-known phenomenon that many privately owned vacation rentals sit unused for most of the year, which is a huge waste of resources. These homes are often only used for a few weeks a year. With the JustLiving concept, the homes are utilized much better, which benefits you, the homes and the local community by creating more life and increasing local commerce.

Overall, the JustLiving concept is an attractive solution for those who want to own a luxury vacation home on the Costa del Sol for 1/6 of the price and without the hassle that usually comes with ownership. As an owner, you only need to focus on enjoying your vacation in an area where the possibilities are many and the limitations few - all year round.

How Reselling works

The property is owned by a Danish P/S company, so it is quite simple to sell your share if you want to. It often happens that other owners in the association would like to buy another share, or know of someone who would like to, and therefore this is the obvious solution when you want to sell your share.

If you don't manage to sell the share yourself in the first place, JustLiving will of course assist you in putting it on the market through our resale department. Just like in any other real estate transaction, it can be expected that the property will be sold at the market price, but the owner of course decides the asking price.