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Condominiums for sale

Here you can see which luxury condominiums are currently for sale.

With an ownership share in a 6:1 or 8:1 association, you become direct co-owners of a unique holiday home on the Costa del Sol for a fraction of the price.
  • pool
    La Cala 8:1
    125.000 Euro (1/8)
    3 3 169 M2
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  • housing-07
    Aloha Pueblo 6:1
    180.000 Euro (1/6)
    3 2 154 M2
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  • ALP 66-028
    90.000 Euro (1/6)
    2 2 116 M2
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    Build Your Own
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Economy in brief

The investment in a 6:1 or 8:1 share can be divided into two price levels. There will be homes with 3 bedrooms and a minimum of 2 bathrooms, and where the homes will have a minimum of 6 beds - here the price level will be between Euro 120.000-200.000 per share. The second price level will be slightly smaller homes, generally with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms - here the price level is Euro 80.000-100.000 per share.

For both price levels, a deposit is paid from the start and the rest is paid at the formation of the condominium association. Apart from the investment, common expenses and cleaning at the end of your stay, there are no additional costs for booking weeks, administration or similar. All in all, a unique opportunity to become a part owner of a luxury property on the Costa del Sol, without all the hassle of owning a property in Spain.

Benefits summarized

Owning a home together offers numerous benefits. We have summarized the most significant and, in our opinion, best benefits on this page. Click on the right arrow to dive deeper into the topic.

More value for money

Greater value for money

When you choose to pool your resources to jointly own a home, you simply get more value for your money. Investing, say, £1 million in a vacation home on your own offers limited options.

Worry-free vacation experience

We handle everything related to the management of the property and become your main point of contact. All you need to do is plan your stay via our easy-to-use booking platform. Open the front door and enjoy your lovely home. This is true ownership, not a timeshare arrangement.

Optimal utilization through community

Most privately owned vacation rentals sit unused for the majority of the year, which we see as a huge waste of resources. By having more families owning and sharing a property together, we achieve a more efficient use of the accommodation.

This benefits not only the homes but also the local community, which sees increased activity. Shared ownership also means more value for money, which is in line with the principles of the sharing economy - a practice that has become more relevant than ever, especially for vacation rentals that are typically only used for a small part of the year.

A beneficial investment

In addition to the benefits of the sharing economy, we also aim to ensure your investment increases in value over time. JustLiving therefore focuses on investing in areas with potential for value appreciation, based on stable real estate markets. For deeper insights into our investment strategy, feel free to contact us to learn more.

Economic efficiency

By sharing the cost among multiple owners, it becomes possible to acquire and enjoy a property that might otherwise be beyond an individual's budget.

Flexibility in use

With our easy and simple booking system available, owners can enjoy greater flexibility in planning vacations and stays.